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Offered 3 times a year: January - April - September

$200 plus gst/month for 3 consecutive months (=$630.00 total, taxes included); limit of 6 students per class


I teach Linda Darlow's AuditionCraft 1 class, it's the foundation of her audition technique. She's even written a book about it, based on Michael Shurtleff's "AUDITION", in which she takes his information, which was designed for auditioning for Broadway plays, and adapts it for film and television.


I go over the 12 choices for film/tv auditioning, auditioning tips and typecasting. All work is done on camera. All classes start at 7:30 pm


The next AuditionCraft 1 class start date is tentative until the COVID - 19 pandemic is declared contained, possibly in September 2020. I will be updating periodically as new information is revealed.




Next One Starting TBA

$375 plus gst = $393.75 for 8 consecutive weeks (students of mine from any previous classes get a discount, ask me for details)

Limit of 6 students per group


I've remounted the class I ran in 2007 at Schoolcreative, my combination Cold Read and On Camera Audition class. It works like this: the first half of the class is cold reads to warm up. The second half of the class is a short on camera scene, run like an audition class. I supply all the scene materials for both exercises. The success of this class is the small size, so that everyone gets lots of individual attention, and the combination of exercising your cold reading skills while being given the opportunity to hone your on camera audition technique.


* Single sessions available to previous students, only if there are spots open 



Next One TBA 2020

$250 plus gst, 10 am -  6pm both Saturday and Sunday, current students with Linda Darlow or Henry J Mah get a discount


I co teach Linda Darlow's 2 Day Commercial Audition Workshop. We have this group several times per year. it is all about how to audition for commercials, which is very different than auditioning for film/tv. We go over what those differences are, and give valuable tips and techniques on:


 - Slating

 - One Liners

 - Spokesperson

 - Doubles

 - Improv


It is my second favorite workshop to teach/co lead, and it's a lot of fun in a supportive learning environment!



Opening again in Summer 2021 starting July 2021 until September 2021

$350 plus gst = $367.50 total for 8 classes, usable any Tuesday or Wednesday night within the date range specified above

limit of 6 students per class, only 16 summer packages available, first 16 actors to sign up are guaranteed a spot


Over the summer I offer my Summer Flexible Classes. How it works is: 1) I send out a weekly confirmation message on Friday, and you let me know by 5 pm Sunday if you want to participate in the Tuesday and/or Wednesday class the following week; 2) these classes are run in the format of my current Cold Read On Camera Audition Work Out Class, I pick the On Camera Audition Work Out scenes, and we always begin with a Cold Read of original material to warm up. Once the 8 classes are used up, you are welcome to do single sessions for $50 cash.


All classes start at 7:30 pm


To Book a Spot in any of the Classes above, Contact me here.




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